We have a great mix of experienced wedding planners, talented assistants and interns, all ready to bring it all together for you. 




Hi, my name is Kia and I’ve been the owner and main wedding planner for Estoccasions for over 16 years.   I’m one of the owners who started Engaged Connecticut. I’m a straight shooter wedding planner, I tell it as it is, and if I can pull something together that you wanted but wasn't in your price point, I will.  Every person is different, some couples love to text, or call, meet in person or check in daily and my goal is to find out how you like to plan and do what works best.   I’m bilingual, I love the color blue and deep down I pick winter over any other season.   I love outdoor weddings, mixing in family traditions and yet not losing who you are as a couple.  I handle stress well, I hate the heat and at the end of the day, I want to plan a real wedding for real couples and focus on the things that matter.



Hi, I’m Heidi and I’m the Owner and Lead Planner for Always and Forever and have been for over 16 years.  I’m also one of the Owners of Engaged Connecticut and love working with out of the box couples.  The more non-traditional, the more fun!  Outdoor tented weddings are definitely my favorite and I love me a good beach wedding too. Throw in a dog, horse or even a goat of honor and I’m sold.  My ideal couple is one that is able to trust my years of experience in planning and have FUN during their planning. Yes I will hold your hand during the process, cry with you (maybe), but definitely laugh a lot and probably have a glass of wine or vodka tonic (or two) with you.   I live with my husband and my two crazy kids Stryder age 12 and Berkeley age 10 as well as my crazy puppy Hashtag age 1.5.  I’m definitely more of a dog vs. cat person, but I do love all animals. The color of my hair is ever changing, in fact I do not think there is a color I haven’t tried. I guarantee when we meet each other, the next time you see me it will be a different color. 



Devin's love of event planning on a corporate level translates well into wedding planning where she can connect with her clients personally. She has always loved the world of weddings (she was a bride for Halloween 5 years in a row as a child...) Devin got married in October 2018 and looks forward to sharing firsthand experience with the couples she works with. She thrives off the happiness and love of a wedding day, you can usually find her sharing some happy tears with the happy couple or perfecting the important little details that make each couple unique. Finding inspiration and beauty in just about every avenue of life, she whole-heatedly believes every occasion is something worth celebrating and will help each client identify their personal brand to create a unique experience. Her efficiency and organization drive seamless execution, while her upbeat personality and sense of humor allow her to connect with each client. Loves ('Like' doesn't do these things justice) -Her hunky Fireman Husband -Her children Romeo (Maltese) & Fleming (Lab Mix) & hopefully another puppy(ies) soon! -Penguins - They mate for life, propose to each other with a pebble & that waddle!! Seriously, the cutest thing ever! -Naps. Enough said. -Long strolls through Target & Homegoods -A good Excel spreadsheet! Organization & check lists makes me happy. #TwoSheaEvents